Like every year, millions of Muslims head to the city of Meccah, their most holy city, to carry out the pilgrimage rituals of Hajj.
This year, around two million Muslims arrive to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to participate in this holy event.

During the last 92 years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of pilgrims; which reflected on the economical aspect of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and created high financial requirements to invest in the developments related to the accommodation and transportation of the pilgrims.

Al Hajj Terminal, the main terminal for Hajj visitors, is part of HyperMedia’s regional out of home media network.
The company provides an excellent platform for advertisers and brands, throughout the terminal and Abraj Al Bayt mall complex at the heart of Meccah; allowing them to reach the millions of pilgrims and to get the highest reach and exposure.

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