Pascal Khoury is the Regional Sales Director at HyperMedia, heading the in-store department. He has been with the company since 2006 and is an integral part of the HyperMedia family.

After finishing his BA in Advertising and Marketing, Pascal moved to the UAE and joined HyperMedia as a sales executive, and today he leads a dynamic department of HyperMedia. Pascal maintains all key agency and direct client relationships, and helps all HyperMedia clients implement campaigns across 200 regional hypermarkets; including Carrefours, Union Coops, Lulu, Geant, Sharjah Coops, Abu Dhabi Coops, Aswaaq, Spar, and many others.

Pascal has been key to the strong growth of HyperMedia, and has helped create the leading retail-focused OOH company in the region.
He’s been constantly up to the challenge in handling new projects in the UAE and in creating an unbreakable trust bond between HyperMedia and the advertising agencies and clients.

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