Outdoor Lamp Posts | Hypermedia
  • Located in prime locations outside the most popular community centers across the UAE, our 500 back lit lamppost panels are an excellent tool to deliver your messages at the first point of contact. This media is effective due to the fact that there is no clutter in parking lots.
  • We have picked the busiest community centers across the UAE with the highest traffic. All of which have an anchor hypermarket, a pharmacy, restaurants/coffee shops, a laundry, hair dresser, toy store etc. So shoppers’ weekly/monthly visits are more frequent than larger malls, despite lower average spends. Hence, shoppers are exposed to our lampposts more often.
  • This medium covers 16 community centers in Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain (mostly located in residential areas) Accordingly, we have divided our total network of 640 prime faces into 4 circuits only, to maximize impact – each circuit comprises of 160 prime faces covering all 16 outlets for a duration of 4 weeks.
  • One of many highlights of this medium is that you will be entitled for category exclusivity during the campaign period. Exclusivity is not valid around the period of the holy month of Ramadan.