Regional Point of Purchase | Hypermedia

HyperMedia is the only company in the Middle East to offer regional point of purchase advertising with more than 150 hyper and supermarkets across the region.

  • Our point of purchase network reaches over 24 million shoppers per month in the UAE alone
  • Whether you need to build brand awareness, drive trial or promote a new product, HyperMedia has the branding solutions.
  •  No place has a more direct influence and impact on purchase decisions than in the store. Since 70% of purchase decisions are made in store* having your brand advertised at the actual point of decision makes perfect sense.
  • We offer branding solutions throughout the path to purchase, from our parking lamp posts, Trolleys, entrance branding including the security gates, down to the main aisle hanging signs a.k.a. what’s on signs, upto the shelves, and all the way to the check-outs.
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