Retail Media (In-Store)

Above The Shelf Experience Impact where it matters Advertising in supermarkets and hypermarkets presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers at a crucial point in the purchase journey. These lively and dynamic retail environments are among the busiest shopping destinations, drawing a large and diverse audience daily. They offer a targeted […]

Digital Maze

Rise above the shelf Leverage our strategic screens Hypermarkets are high-traffic retail locations that attract a large number of shoppers, making them prime locations for brands to connect with potential customers. As brands continue to expand their presence in this area, our dynamic digital screens are strategically positioned to engage the audience and enhance the […]

In-Store Static

End To End Domination Engage with your audience Our network covers around 190 of the busiest hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. From entrance branding, to trolleys, cashier dressing, carpet floor stickers and many more, Hypermedia has got you covered across all the space allowing your brand to engage with your audience in the most seamless way. […]

Dubai Metro