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Turn your brand into a landmark In the competitive world of advertising, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. At Hypermedia, we understand this, which is why our innovative approach ensures that you take your brand to the next level by offering you the privilege to forge an alliance partnership with the government of Dubai […]

In-Train / In-Station

In-Train In-Station Be part of the urban experience Metros are central hubs that reflect the heartbeat of a city, and being a part of this landscape allows you to impact the daily lives of more than 700 thousand daily commuters. With Hypermedia, your brand becomes an integral part of the urban experience, forging connections that […]

Z Gallery Turning Sheikh Zayed Road into a State-of-the-Art Media Landmark The “Z Gallery – Art of Media” is a new OOH concept of presenting brands as artwork and masterpieces, across an assortment of designs and architecture in outstretched locations across the prominent Sheikh Zayed Road to make the most impactful media art exposure. A 558.4-kilometer-long […]

Retail Media (In-Store)

Above The Shelf Experience Impact where it matters Advertising in supermarkets and hypermarkets presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers at a crucial point in the purchase journey. These lively and dynamic retail environments are among the busiest shopping destinations, drawing a large and diverse audience daily. They offer a targeted […]

Digital Maze

Rise above the shelf Leverage our strategic screens Hypermarkets are high-traffic retail locations that attract a large number of shoppers, making them prime locations for brands to connect with potential customers. As brands continue to expand their presence in this area, our dynamic digital screens are strategically positioned to engage the audience and enhance the […]


Creators of Impact Reshaping The DOOH Industry In The UAE Fueled by Inspiration. Driven by Innovation. Powered by Creativity. Hypermedia is an industry trailblazer that has led the way in transforming the digital out-of-home advertising landscape in the UAE, setting a benchmark for powerful, impactful advertising experiences. Transcending all boundaries, we create impact and craft […]


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“Be different, be daring, be anything that will translate your vision into success.” Habib Wehbi – Chairman and CEO Meet the Team Hypermedia fosters a culture of continuous growth, ensuring that every team member plays a pivotal role in the company’s ongoing achievements. Our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital media is the […]

Expo City Dubai

Join The Legacy Tap into a land of opportunities Expo City Dubai is a globally renowned hub carrying forward the legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai, as a beacon of innovation, progress, and global collaboration. It is the world’s most famous innovation, culture, education, and entertainment attracting visitors and participants from around the world. Advertising here […]

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