An Architectural Approach to Investments

Habib Wehbi: Pioneering OOH Media & Investment

W Ventures Holding Chairman Habib Wehbi was featured in Forbes Middle East’s Top CEOs 2023, as an “investment architect” in Media Experiences, Technology, Industrial, and Financial sectors.

Unveiling The ‘555 Strategy’

In an Interview with Campaign Middle East magazine, W Group Chairman and CEO Habib Wehbi unveiled the “555 Strategy”, an ambitious plan that aims to achieve significant growth for the group within five years.

The Year Ahead for OOH

UAE's 2023 OOH Advertising Trends

W Group COO Philip Matta shares his insights on the Out-of-Home media scene in 2023, in the following feature in Campaign Middle East.

The OOH Digital Revolution

Hypermedia: OOH Digital Revolution - Habib Wehbi

Digital out-of-home is an experience, a power we should keep exploring, harnessing, and improving, writes Habib Wehbi, chairman and CEO of W Group in Campaign Middle East’s Power Essays 2022.


Data Measurement Tools: Hypermedia's Innovation in DOOH

Data is 2022’s most crucial buzzword, and W Group, with both its subsidiaries Hypermedia and DigitAll, is standing at the forefront, a pioneer in the data measurement domain. Paving the way in launching data intelligence in the UAE, W Group is planning to offer a fully customizable DOOH media experience for its 800 strategic partners and clients throughout this coming year.

W Group’s Hypermedia on Route 2020

W Group's Hypermedia: Elevating Route 2020 with OOH

Hypermedia, a subsidiary of W Group, is undertaking a major part in creating the journey of Route 2020, leading to the world’s largest and most global event to ever take place, bringing in more than 25 million visitors and 192 countries, using its wide bundle of assets, from bridges, pillars, lampposts, and verticals to smart, interactive screens inside the Dubai Metro. This network is spread across Route 2020 and its metro stations, by far the most technologically advanced on all levels.

W Group’s Chairman and CEO Habib Wehbi to Communicate Online

W Group: Market Strategy, Pandemic Resilience, Future Expansion

What is your strategy to ensure that W Group keeps its unique position in such a difficult market?

W Group, which is part of W Ventures Holdings, consists of three different operations: Hypermedia, RedPeg Middle East, and DigitAll. Our vision was always to have a 360 offering, whereby we can approach out-of-home not only by selling different types of media but by creating harmony in a channel that combines media, branding, and experience – with RedPeg Middle East’s expertise and smart solutions, and with DigitAll to add more value for the client.

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