APAC Business Headlines Awards Hypermedia with the Certificate of Service Excellence

Hypermedia: 2021 APAC Digital Signage Leader

Hypermedia was awarded the Certificate of Service Excellence from APAC Business Headlines for being One of the Most Advanced Digital Signage Solution Provider of 2021.

APAC Business Headlines published an article on its online portal saying that “Hypermedia’s journey started in 1999 from humble beginnings, with the trolley advertising in supermarkets, up until the 10 years’ strategic media partnership with Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to take over the Dubai Metro media assets in 2020.”

Major Digitization in Mashreq Bank Station, Expo Line Stations and Sheikh Zayed Metro Bridges

Hypermedia's DOOH Triumph: Mashreq & Digi-Tableaux

As Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisement spending is increasing in 2021 and allowing the reach of a precise audience more accurately, Hypermedia has expanded its digital network to new state of the art digital assets in “Mashreq Bank Station” which constitutes of: Snaps (6 sheet), Landscapes (12 sheet), Curved stretch screen, and Water fall Screen as well as the “Expo line stations” in Jebel Ali.

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