W Group (Hypermedia and DigitAll) Joins DPAA

W Group, Hypermedia & DigitAll Enhance OOH with DPAA Joining

In a press release published today, DPAA the global trade marketing association, driving the growth and digitization of out-of-home media and its growing role in the omnichannel mix, announced that W Group, along with its two entities Hypermedia and DigitAll, have joined the association.

W Group to Charge 2022 With a High-Tech Interactive DOOH Experience

Hypermedia & DigitAll: Pioneering 2022 DOOH Solutions

In this fast-paced world we live in, new technologies are constantly emerging to dominate the market. W Group is taking the lead in breaking boundaries through the integration of high-end media-tech solutions that would propel both its entities, Hypermedia and DigitAll, to a dominating market position.

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