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Harness The Power of Data

In today’s digital age, data is king. Our advanced analytics provide advertisers with unparalleled insights into audience behavior. At Hypermedia, we believe that meaningful connections between brands and audiences are fostered through a state-of-the-art data ecosystem that empowers marketers to elevate their Return on Investment (ROI) by delivering content that resonates deeply with their intended target audiences.

Data Analytics

Measurable Immersive consumer journey

Fueled by cutting-edge data analytics, Hypermedia commands the UAE’s largest Out-of-Home media network. Our assets, driven by the power of data, seamlessly encompass consumers’ journeys from the moment they step out of their homes. They become immersed in our dynamic outdoor and indoor offerings across UAE’s vital nodes: the dynamic Dubai metro, bustling malls, captivating stores, and iconic landmarks like The Palm Jumeirah and Sheikh Zayed road. Our reach extends into the heart of vibrant residential communities and sought-after destinations, including Nakheel communities and the grand stage of Expo City Dubai. Every facet of our media arsenal is precision-engineered by data measurement, orchestrating astute campaigns that seamlessly escort brands alongside their target audiences on their daily adventures through our unmatched network.

Data Analytics

Reimagine the Indoor Retail Media with Smart Targeting

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology powered by Advertima – the global market leader in real-time audience measurement – brands can design smarter real-time data-driven campaigns across our vast digital Dubai Metro, in-mall and in-store media network. They can curate ads targeted to relevant audiences by showing the right ads to the right consumers through advanced 3D computer vision sensors combining visual data (age, gender) and contextual data (location, time).

The process unfolds in four streamlined steps: First, we capture the audience, then seamlessly segment them based on gender and age. Next, we activate precise ad targeting, ensuring each commuter encounters the most relevant content. Finally, we meticulously measure the results, gauging impressions and reach to refine and optimize future campaigns.

Data Analytics

Revolutionize the outdoor media

Powered by Streach, a regional leader in audience measurement solutions, our outdoor media network empowers brands to embrace data-driven decision-making for both digital and static OOH campaigns. This dynamic impression-based measurement system revolutionizes the way marketers tackle their pre-campaign predictions and post-campaign assessments.

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