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Leverage our strategic screens

Hypermarkets are high-traffic retail locations that attract a large number of shoppers, making them prime locations for brands to connect with potential customers. As brands continue to expand their presence in this area, our dynamic digital screens are strategically positioned to engage the audience and enhance the creative messaging of brands at the critical moment when shoppers are poised to make a purchase.

Digital Maze

Stand out from the crowd

Our screens offer distinctive and adaptable formats that are strategically distributed throughout the hypermarkets. They are designed to capture the attention of shoppers through dynamic and eye-catching content, that will ultimately set your brand apart from competitors. The idea is that when shoppers see compelling ads on these screens, they are more likely to act on their impulse to buy the advertised products right then and there.

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Digital Maze

Drive Immediate Purchases

Our high-tech digital screens are not just established to capture attention but also to motivate shoppers to make immediate purchases. Powered by real-time data measurements and AI technology, they allow brands to use the “smart triggered” advertisement technique to connect with their target audience based on their gender and age, and increase their ROI.

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