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Engage with your audience

Our network covers around 190 of the busiest hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. From entrance branding, to trolleys, cashier dressing, carpet floor stickers and many more, Hypermedia has got you covered across all the space allowing your brand to engage with your audience in the most seamless way.

In-Store Static

Enhance your brand’s visibility

Trolley advertising in the UAE is presented as a highly effective and far-reaching medium, particularly in hypermarkets, supermarkets, and malls. Our network is sold exclusively and offers total store domination on an estimated number of over 51,057 trolleys in the UAE allowing your brand to maximize visibility.

In-Store Static

Make the shopping experience unforgettable

In addition to trolleys, brands can leverage our various assets mainly the Entrance Arch & Carpet Floor Sticker. Shockingly attractive and impactful, they can entice your audience the moment they step into the store. Not to mention the Cashier dressing; alone they can transform and elevate the whole shopping experience allowing brands to communicate to shoppers as they wait. Brands can also leverage our promotional spaces for their activations. By turning grocery shopping into an engaging experience, they can impact their audience in the most efficient way.

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