Hypermedia UAE

“Be different, be daring, be anything that will translate your vision into success.”

Habib Wehbi - Chairman and Group CEO

Meet the Team

Hypermedia fosters a culture of continuous growth, ensuring that every team member plays a pivotal role in the company’s ongoing achievements. Our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital media is the driving force behind our collective success. Encouraging disruptive thinking in OOH advertising, all team members consistently work in synergy to set new standards and revolutionize this field.


Meet the Pulse

The heartbeat of our company, “The Pulse,” comprises a dedicated team of unsung heroes who form the backbone of our success. These relentless individuals represent the muscle behind every advertising campaign, working tirelessly to install ads across a spectrum of mediums—be it in trains, metro stations, iconic art wraps, bridges, or within the confines of the retail media network.

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