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The Royal Majestic Collection: Redefining Luxury Advertising

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Hypermedia Unveils ‘The Royals’ at Palm Jumeirah: Where Luxury Meets Impact

Dubai, UAE

The Royals – an exclusive luxury advertising opportunity at the entrance and exit of Palm Jumeirah

Hypermedia, the regional leader in DOOH media experiences and technology, proudly announces the launch of ‘The Royals’, an elite network of six premium digital unipoles strategically located at the entrance and exit of Dubai’s iconic and luxurious Palm Jumeirah.
Handcrafted with detailed precision from sustainable materials and incorporating energy-efficient LED technology, these majestic landmarks will stand as the epitome of elegance, luxury and sophistication. They capture immediate attention, while delivering maximum brand visibility for the locale’s high-end audience.
This foray into premium positioning is an exciting development for Hypermedia, as they introduce a new luxury segment into their already diverse portfolio, pioneering new ways for premium brands to connect with one of Dubai’s most affluent neighborhoods.

Habib Wehbi, Chairman and Group CEO of W Group Holding, stated, “‘The Royals’ at Palm Jumeirah marks a significant milestone for Hypermedia and aligns perfectly with our Group’s vision of excellence and innovation. This strategic addition enhances our portfolio, promotes sustainable growth, and sets a new standard in luxury advertising. We are committed to driving forward the future of digital advertising, providing premium brands with unmatched visibility and engagement.”
The Palm Jumeirah itself is an iconic feat of ingenuity and innovation, known the world over for its impressive number of attractions, Michelin starred restaurants and high-end hotels. With the inauguration of ‘The Royals’ blending seamlessly into these opulent surroundings, luxury advertisers can be assured of superior placements, displayed on huge LED screens for maximum impact.
In addition to the 30,000+ residents, The Palm Jumeirah also plays host to 5m visitors every year, further driving up the affluent demographics of this premium location. As ‘The Royals’ becomes the leading authority in luxury digital media signage, it’s clear that a new era of premium advertising is upon us.

“This isn’t just an advertising opportunity – it’s a gateway to making a resounding statement, boosting brand presence, and maximizing ROI in a less cluttered environment, ensuring your brand message stands out to a specific affluent audience,” explains Philip Matta, CEO of Hypermedia.
“The Palm Jumeirah offers the ultimate in luxury island living, with huge potential to attract, target and captivate high-net worth individuals at key strategic locations. By leveraging our expertise in deploying the latest technologies and digital smart solutions, we continue to propel the DOOH industry forward, transforming these vibrant communities into immersive media hubs for luxury brands”.

Powered by DXTA Technology, the sites will utilize mobility modeling in the data capture phase. Unlike technologies that look at geo-fences around OOH locations and capture Device IDs in proximity, this source models the data to understand mobility and minimize lost exposure, to accurately predict audience traffic and provide advertisers with valuable insights for campaign planning optimization.
This marks only the beginning of Hypermedia’s ambitious journey to create a luxurious DOOH ecosystem, harnessing the unique allure of The Palm Jumeirah, a global landmark and destination. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking additions to ‘The Royal Palm, a Majestic Media Collection’, set to redefine luxury advertising soon.

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